Individual Portion. Choose:

Caesar: Arugula, lettuce, chicken, croutons, bacon and champignon. R$18,90
Trancoso: Lettuce, grated carrot, bacon, palm heart, champignon, cherry tomato and potato sticks. R$18,90
Itacaré: Lettuce, arugula, dried tomato and buffalo mozzarella. R$18,90
Morro de São Paulo: Lettuce, cherry tomato, grated parmesan cheese, palm heart, buffalo mozzarella and green olive. R$19,90
Copacabana: Lettuce, arugula,kani-kama and mango. R$18,90
Havaizinho: Lettuce, arugula, carrot, beet, apple, mango, cherry tomato and green olive. R$18,90
Caprese: Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, lettuce, black olive pesto and basil. R$18,90
Toque toque: Lettuce, arugula, dried tomato, buffalo mozzarella and salmon. R$23,90
Ceviche: Slices of white fish in purple onion sauce and a special touch of pepper. R$24,90

Choose the sauce:

• Mustard with parmesan cheese
• Mustard with capers
• Mustard with honey
• Rosé sauce
• Caesar
• Lemon
• Balsamic
• Yogurt


• Green or black olives R$2,00
• Champignon R$2,00
• Dried or cherry tomato R$3,50
• Buffalo mozzarella R$4,00
• Shredded chicken R$3,50
• Palm heart R$3,00
• Parmesan cheese R$3,00
• Chia seed R$3,00
• Linseed flour R$3,00
• Quinoa flakes R$3,00
• Extra sauce R$2,00


• Chicken filet R$8,90
• Mignon R$9,90
• Salmon or Saint Peter R$10,90